I’m just preparing a little series of reviews for some of my favourite russian bands.

Melnitsa surely are one of them with their amazing and versatile folk rock music, which also incorporates influences from neofolk, country, irish folk, and others. When considering their 2012 album Angelofreniya (Ангелофрения), one could argue to label their style as world music – despite the Russian lyrics that unfortunately hinder the access to this music to a considerable extent. That’s a shame, so I’m trying to get some more people to at least notice that there is such great music out there.

Angelofreniya features a lot of great songs, but the one I listened to the most during these days is Ангел (Angel). It features a slow build-up with an interesting rhythm, harp, guitar, strings and percussion, before it transists into something more rock-oriented midway through the song. I love these song build-ups and the instrumentation. Not to mention Natalia O’Shea’s beautiful, warm, expressive voice. On this song she gives you a good impression of her compass.

You can listen to the whole album here.

And check out their Facebook site!