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Some Handsome Hands – Piano Trio

I consider me blessed because I was able to get this live experience twice, in 2006 and 2009, I guess. Three great pianists and, by the way, pretty ladies, playing the piano. Some of the music experiences I’ll never forget.

Check their schedule and, if they are in town, go watch them perform!


Myllykangas – Älä Tule Takaisin Ennen Kuin Olen Vanha (or: strange Finnish acoustic folk music)

Finnish atmospheric sludge metal/post-hardcore (or whatever) band Callisto just posted some infos about other projects their members have been working on during the last years. One of these projects is that of Markus Myllykangas, their guitarist and shouter. It’s a solo project (with a little bit of support) that features mainly acoustic guitar music. This in itself is nothing spectacular, but what Myllykangas actually offers surely is! It’s definitely unconventional, especially as a disharmonic approach is often implemented, so that some of the songs positively remind me of the doomgrass music that Xasthur unplugged (formerly Nocturnal Poisoning) recently released (like this, for instance).

It surely rather is uncomfortable music than some happy folk stuff. But, as always, listen for yourself:


Empyrium – The Ensemble of Silence

It’s been almost 20 years since the release of Empyrium‘s magnificent atmospheric dark folk metal (or whatever) album Songs of Moors and Misty Fields. I think I first listened to them around 2004 or 2005, when I was about the same age that the main protagonists had had when the recorded this album. That might be one reason why this album resonated so much with me back then. I simply like everything about this record, the musicianship, the vocals, the overall melancholic-beautiful atmosphere, the lyrics… It feels very genuine for me, a feeling that might by due to some of my own musical ideas sounding somewhat similar – although I wasn’t able yet to set them into music outside my head.

Apparently, Empyrium also dealt with the same kinds of literature (Romanticism) back then, although I focused on German poetry, whereas the lyrics on Songs of Moors and Misty Fields are clearly influenced by British poets (which I discovered a little later) like Percy Shelley and John Keats – the latter to such an extent that Empyriums’s Ode to Melancholy quotes Keats’ Ode on Melancholy with the phrase <<She dwells with Beauty—Beauty that must die>>.

But no more words – just listen to the song and read the lyrics, and order their stuff somewhere!

Song of the day: Kontinuum – Red Stream

2015 was a very intersting year for me in terms of new bands and styles that I discovered.

One of these discoveries is the band Kontinuum from Iceland, with which I got into touch alongside Agent Fresco.

Kontinuum’s album Kyrr hit me at the right time, I guess. Their melancholic yet powerful rock/metal music means a lot to me since then, and besides the musicianship and the overall feeling to the music I particularly like the vocals, which sometimes remind me in a good way of Depeche Mode.

But listen for yourself:

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